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  • If they haven't found the husband then, they give it up; they make place for the cadettes, as the number of women is enormous. Cited from The Point of View, by Henry James
  • Many of the first women officers came from the former League-sponsored Wrenettes and Air Cadettes.
  • The Cadettes compete at the regional and national levels.
  • The senior basketball team "The Cadettes" are also high achievers on the competitive circuit.
  • Girl Scout Cadettes are eligible to earn the Silver Award, which is the highest award available to girls at this level.
  • The 2012 Cadettes were also tasked with a class project.
  • Le client est au-dessous, non- seulement du chef supreme de la famille, mais encore des branches cadettes. Cited from La Cite Antique, by Fustel de Coulanges
  • Wider Opportunities were open to any older girls (Cadettes and Seniors) registered with Girl Scouts of the USA, including those living abroad.
  • Until then girls paraded as "Wrenettes" supported by the Navy League and Air "Cadettes" supported by the Air Cadet League.
  • La propriete de la famille appartient tout entiere au chef, qui d'ailleurs en partage la jouissance avec les branches cadettes et meme avec les clients. Cited from La Cite Antique, by Fustel de Coulanges
  • La religion comptait neanmoins pour beaucoup les branches cadettes, qui etaient comme une reserve pour remplacer un jour la branche ainee eteinte et sauver le culte. Cited from La Cite Antique, by Fustel de Coulanges
  • Girl Scout Seniors wear the same uniform as Girl Scout Cadettes -- however, the disks for their membership stars are red and their badges are a rectangular shape.
  • Girl Scout Cadettes are Girl Scouts who are in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades (around ages 11-14).
  • In 2003, the Studio 2B program for girls aged 11 to 17 was introduced through Cadettes and Seniors.
  • Girl Scout Ambassadors wear the same khaki colored vest or sash as Girl Scout Cadettes and Seniors.
  • Le second mourut; Charlot resta seul a peiner avec le vieux pere pour nourrir la mere et deux autres soeurs cadettes qu'il avait. Cited from Contes de la Becasse, by Guy de Maupassant
  • Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can chose a khaki sash or vest to go with khaki pants or skirt and a white shirt.
  • In 1984, the Daisy program for kindergarteners (age five) was introduced, and around 2003 the Studio 2B program for girls eleven through seventeen was introduced as a way to give older girls more options in Girl Scouts, although many girls still called themselves Cadettes and Seniors.
  • Alors la cite athenienne n'existait pas; mais chaque famille, entouree de ses branches cadettes et de ses clients, occupait un canton et y vivait dans une independance absolue. Cited from La Cite Antique, by Fustel de Coulanges
  • On voit par tout cela que la famille des temps les plus anciens, avec sa branche ainee et ses branches cadettes, ses serviteurs et ses clients, pouvait former un groupe d'hommes fort nombreux. Cited from La Cite Antique, by Fustel de Coulanges
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