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  • Girls must complete a Cadette Journey prior to beginning their project.
  • It is a flat area of land used for rustic sleepouts by adventurous Cadette and Senior summer programs.
  • Beccia designed a new four door steel body which closely resembled the larger body of the six cylinder Talbots Cadette and Major.
  • An Interest Project was an earned award for the Cadette and Senior levels of Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Cadette, Tale of the Two Sisters who envied their, iii. Cited from 1000 Nights and a Night, Vol. 16, Tr. by Burton
  • You know that Cadette Saint-Avit is elderly, as the waiting-woman of a rector ought to be. Cited from The Queen Pedauque, by Anatole France
  • GSUSA created the program to attract older girls into the scouting program and replace Cadette and Senior Girl Scouting.
  • The Cadette Academy also serves as a recruitment method for future Frag Dolls.
  • The next moment the great creature turned, and slowly moved away in the direction from whence the noise came, while Cadette hastily returned to the foot of the tree where he had left his spear. Cited from The Young Trail Hunters, by Samuel Woodworth Cozzens
  • Instead of pulling from the Frag Doll Cadette pool, they decided to open the casting to the public.
  • However, Cadette Saint-Avit spoke of it as of a certainty. Cited from The Queen Pedauque, by Anatole France
  • "Tell me, my dear mother, did Cadette Saint-Avit, the rector's servant, see the bodies in the bottles with her own eyes?" Cited from The Queen Pedauque, by Anatole France
  • Richard Cadette (born 21 March 1965) is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker.
  • At the end of this season Cadette was sacked as the team once again failed to gain promotion following defeat in the playoff semi-finals to Tonbridge Angels.
  • Instead of disappearing, the tendency had so much increased that it was deemed safer not to trust Cadette even in the two-wheeled carriage, at least for a while. Cited from Philip Gilbert Hamerton, Philip Gilbert Hamerton
  • Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts occasionally will sleep-out on Sunset Hill for a primitive night away from the hustle and bustle of main camp.
  • La famille, frappee de cet echo sinistre, quitta l'ainee pour la cadette. Cited from Le meunier d'Angibault, by George Sand
  • Albeit they be the sisters of thy Queen, yet seeing the royal favours and affection towards their cadette they were consumed with anger and hatred and despite by reason of their envy and jealousy. Cited from 1000 Nights and a Night, Vo1. 13, Tr. by Burton
  • This act emphasized the benefits of taking part in the Cadette program as interns, and encouraged Frag Doll hopefuls to stay involved and become noticed.
  • The pleasant exercise of riding had to be reluctantly given up because Cadette, who had betrayed from the beginning a slight weakness in the knees, now stumbled often and badly, especially out of harness. Cited from Philip Gilbert Hamerton, Philip Gilbert Hamerton
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