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  • Some are former cadets, and many have former regular or reserve force service.
  • After the two first years at these schools, officer-cadets receive the title of lieutenant.
  • Instead they are officially called fourth class, third class, second class, and first class cadets.
  • Young people can remain as cadets for up to two years.
  • Some are former cadets, many have former regular or reserve force service.
  • All cadets must be crime-free, drug-free, and doing well in school.
  • The day-to-day corps activities, however, are run primarily by the cadets.
  • Part of the training that the cadets receive is naval and military in nature.
  • Cadets are encouraged to take part in as much as possible and to try new things.
  • During the academic year, all cadets take formal classes in military theory, operations and leadership.
  • After passing out of the college, cadets served aboard a special training vessel for one year.
  • All of these courses are three weeks long, and are available to cadets who are level two or above.
  • In total, the cadets could be quite into the culture and real world before their graduation.
  • Each summer, cadets participate in training programs according to their class.
  • Cadets are required to take physical education courses in each of their four years at the Academy.
  • Cadets also have the opportunity to visit various sections of the station and meet the people who work there.
  • The corps takes cadets on a field day each term to take part in activities that are specific to their section.
  • After the first year, cadets have more options for summer military training.
  • Officer Cadets were part of the team that converted the old guard house into a proper museum.
  • Therefore he invited the officer cadets to choose a new name.
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Root form of cadets is cadet for the noun.

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Meaning of cadets

  • noun A military trainee (as at a military academy)