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  • That was the start of Cadetes de Linares; however, they still remained a local group.
  • This was the beginning of a whole new chapter for Los Cadetes de Linares.
  • Cadetes had a brief run on Torneo Argentino C although the team was soon relegated to lower divisions.
  • Tijerina had thoughts of never playing again in honor of his longlife partner, but the people simply refused to let go of Cadetes de Linares.
  • The idea of the name "Cadetes" was due to the fact that, as a little boy, Guerrero's dream was to attend a military academy.
  • Lupe Tijerina gave Cadetes de Linares the style it needed to hit rankings on top of the charts.
  • Barrios Unidos also is home to the Escuela de Cadetes General Santander military school.
  • The first important achievement was in 1936, when the club won the Campeonato Rosarino de Cadetes (the intermediate division).
  • Because Homero and Adan were both from Linares, the locals gave them the name Los Cadetes de Linares.
  • Los Cadetes de Linares are a Mexican band famously known for their corridos, traditional ballad-style songs about multiple topics like social causes, criminals or heroes in the northern part of Mexico.
  • By late 1968 Candelario Villareal entered as the third accordionist for Cadetes de Linares.
  • Gustavo Rojas Pinilla began his career in the school of cadets Escuela Militar de Cadetes Gral.
  • In November 1995, he teamed for the first time with Solar and Super Astro to reform the Cadetes del Espacio.
  • In past years the Fiestas have had such notable performers such as Las Jilguerillas, Los Muecas, Los Cadetes de Linares and others.
  • The organization was renamed Cadetes de la Republica (Cadets of the Republic) and Joaquin Rodriguez, a Nationalist, was placed in charge.
  • The Music Industry was in shock to believe that one of the all time best musicians who was a very good Bajo Sexto player who had such an amazing voice is now gone, leaving Lupe Tijerina as the only survivor left of Cadetes de Linares.
  • She became a part of a female version of the popular AAA stable Los Cadetes Del Espacio, wrestling as the masked "Lady Venum" a female version of Venum.
  • The Cadetes del Espacio vs. Rudos de la Galaxia was featured on a long number of AAA shows and even made its way to the United States through a working relationship between AAA and the World Wrestling Federation and was featured on both Raw is War and WWF Shotgun Saturday Night.
  • After their break up in the 2007, Rosendo seeing that Los Cadetes de Linares's contract had ended with RAMEX Records, Rosendo applied and bought the rights to legally perform as the authentic Cadetes de Linares.
  • After the original dummer for the Cadetes de Linares took over as the primary voice and guitar player, Ernesto Baez and Lupe Tijerina played sold out stadiums and appeared on Simpre en Domingo and the Johnny Cannales Show.
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