cadet summer training

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  • There are seven national courses in the air cadet summer training program.
  • They continued to use Camp Ipperwash for cadet summer training into the 1990s.
  • It is always flown from a mast or pole at air cadet summer training centres.
  • Her wartime name of continues in use today for the Sea Cadet summer training camp held at the ship's old base at Cornwallis.
  • What had been for many decades an exclusively male environment changed dramatically at local corps and at Army Cadet Summer Training Centres.
  • The course provides candidates the skills and basic knowledge required to lead, develop, train and coach youth, while delivering the cadet program both at their home units and at cadet summer training centres.
  • The majority of cadet training takes place at the local squadron during the regular school year with a percentage of cadets selected for summer training courses at various cadet summer training centres located across Canada.
  • Her unit name lived on in the form of HMCS Quebec, a cadet summer training centre for the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.
  • Opening date Summer 1994 became the home of the Army Cadet Summer training facility starting out with tents and portable toilets.
  • The Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre is located adjacent to the airport - near the town of Springbrook.
  • This facility has also hosted air cadets and sea cadets since 2003, when the Borden Air Cadet Summer Training Centre was closed.
  • The cadet summer training centres (CSTC) of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets are distributed across Canada, often co-located with a Canadian Forces base.
  • As it was, the Japanese had abandoned the island several days before under the cover of fog and darkness, leaving a cannon which was later brought back to Vernon Military Camp (now Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre).
  • Because of the occupation of portions of the camp during the summer of 1993, the cadet summer training centre eventually moved from Camp Ipperwash to CFB Borden in 1994.
  • The entire Cold Lake Cadet Summer Training Centre has a staff of approximately 205 staff cadets, officers, civilian instructors, regular force, and civilian contract personnel, from all elements of the Cadet Program and from all regions of Canada.
  • However, this was not the case and Camp Ipperwash remained in use as a training facility by the regular and reserve forces of the Canadian Army, as well as serving as a cadet summer training centre (CSTC) for the Royal Canadian Army Cadets beginning in 1948.
  • Additionally, cadets may apply for a number of tri-service courses, some hosted by Sea Cadet Summer Training Centres - as Athletic Instructor is at HMCS Ontario - and others held on Army or Air Cadet facilities.
  • On July 29, 1978 the unit name HMCS Acadia was recommissioned for the fourth time (second time as a cadet summer training centre) at CFB Cornwallis, the base which housed the Canadian Forces Recruiting School.