cadet program

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  • The squad also enlists college students and has an active high school cadet program.
  • By the time he finished his flight training, however, the Army had discontinued its air cadet program.
  • The new rank brought the rank progression for the sea, army, and air cadet programs into line.
  • He participated in the cadet program while at school, and later joined the Territorial Force.
  • The basic Air Cadet program is provided at no cost, including uniforms and activities.
  • Pennsylvania Wing conducts a number of schools as a part of its cadet programs.
  • Because he was too young for the Navy Cadet program, he enlisted in the Army.
  • There are 'Director of Cadet Programs' positions at all command levels higher than squadron.
  • He returned to active duty and entered the aviation cadet program in November 1950.
  • Upon completion of two years of college, he applied for the US Navy aviation cadet program and was accepted.
  • It is presented to cadets who have completed the requirements of the final phase of the cadet program.
  • They also assist their senior staff in executing the Cadet Program.
  • Davis attended M Street High School in Washington where he participated in the school's cadet program.
  • The cadet program called for physical fitness, completion of the first two years of high school and satisfactory grades.
  • Instruction required to qualify a limited number of individuals to perform unique tasks required to deliver the cadet program.
  • He was then accepted into the aviation cadet program, and became a commissioned officer in June 1955.
  • Cadets may apply to become Officers or Instructors when they leave the Cadet program.
  • They order the removal of his monitor, signifying the end of the cadet program.
  • There he received his primary and secondary education and participated in the institution's cadet program, thus his fascination with military life at a young age.
  • He was unable to join the US Army Aviation Cadet Program due to a lack of a college education.
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