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  • Neither the prime minister nor members of the cabinet are elected by parliament.
  • The members of the cabinet must be members of either Houses of parliament.
  • This was the first new cabinet position created since the early days of the Republic.
  • The chief minister is the head of government and is also the leader of the state cabinet.
  • He established an executive committee or cabinet composed of twenty members.
  • The main executive power lies in the cabinet headed by the prime minister.
  • I have no Cabinet papers by me and do not want to trust my memory.
  • The prime minister has full responsibility and control over his cabinet.
  • Several changes to the state constitution have affected the office of the governor and the cabinet.
  • Until today, this was the last Dutch cabinet in recent history to serve a full term.
  • The president and vice president are supported by an appointed cabinet.
  • He resigned from the cabinet and the right lost the next legislative election.
  • The current cabinet has two elected members of the Assembly.
  • The Cabinet is headed by the President, who is also head of government.
  • The cabinet is chosen from among members of both houses of Parliament and is responsible to that body.
  • For example, she often gave them ruling positions in her cabinet and other important decision making positions.
  • All members of the cabinet also hold seats in the National Assembly.
  • Seven women have served as Secretary of Labor, which is more than any other cabinet position.
  • The cabinet is selected by and is responsible to the president.
  • It is Wallace's only known personal collection still in its original cabinet.
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Meaning of cabinet

  • noun A piece of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and shelves and drawers; for storage or display
  • noun Persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers
  • noun A storage compartment for clothes and valuables; usually it has a lock
  • noun Housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television