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  • Drops may also be formed by the condensation of a vapor in the atmosphere in the form of rain.
  • Ice is formed by the condensation of water, in Latin aqua. Cited from Bohemians of the Latin Quarter, by Henry Murger
  • This phenomenon was caused by the condensation and freezing of the moist atmosphere of the room upon the cold iron. Cited from Hudson Bay, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Every week or ten days throughout the winter we had to remove from our cabins the ice caused by the condensation of the moist air where it came in contact with the cold outer walls. Cited from The North Pole, by Robert E. Peary
  • A gutter cut in the stone floor to carry off the drippings formed by the condensation of the air upon the cold surface shows that these half-rock dwellings have their drawbacks. Cited from Wanderings by Southern Waters, Eastern Aquitaine, Edward Harrison Barker
  • Moreover both good and bad angels can work some effect in these bodies independently of the heavenly bodies, by the condensation of the clouds to rain, and by producing some such effects. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part I (Prima Pars), by Thomas Aquinas
  • This is caused by the condensation of water particles channelled upwards over the Southern Alps.
  • Imines are typically prepared by the condensation of primary amines and aldehydes and less commonly ketones.
  • Thorny dragons collect moisture in the dry desert by the condensation of dew on their bodies at night.
  • It consisted of two vessels from which the air was driven alternately by the condensation of steam within them, and into the vacuum thus created the water rushed from the bottom of the mine. Cited from Captains of Industry, by James Parton
  • The drain trap can be topped up automatically by the condensation from air conditioners or high-efficiency furnaces.
  • By the condensation of their sulphonic acids, it may be demonstrated experimentally how the tannoid properties of nearly every member of the series are intensified. Cited from Synthetic Tannins, by Georg Grasser
  • A closed steam coil will, on the whole, give the best results, as then no weakening of the dye-liquor can take place through dilution by the condensation of the steam. Cited from The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics, by Franklin Beech
  • "The comparative warmth of November is owing to the heat given out by the condensation of the vapour in the atmosphere into rain." Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 12, No. 342
  • These zones ought, according to appearance, by the condensation and mutual attraction of their molecules, to form various concentric rings of vapor revolving around the sun. Cited from A History of Science, V 3, by Henry Smith Williams
  • Methylbenzoate is formed by the condensation of methanol and benzoic acid, in presence of a strong acid such as hydrochloric acid.
  • MVK has been prepared industrially by the condensation of acetone and formaldehyde, followed by dehydration.
  • This feeling of constant humidity is further increased by the condensation of the vapors of the trade winds that cool the cliffs of the Coastal Range.
  • This is the most recent polymer to be developed and is produced by the condensation reaction of a diamine with maleic anhydride.
  • So dense was this cloud caused by the condensation of the vapor and the reflection in it of the black water below that we could not see the other shore of the lead -- if, indeed, it had a northern shore. Cited from The North Pole, by Robert E. Peary
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