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  • The magazine introduced several new characters and series, several of which would get published in collections and new series by Eclipse and others.
  • Starting with issue five, the title was released by Eclipse Comics.
  • Foxbat made his first comic book appearance in the six-issue Champions limited series published by Eclipse Comics.
  • Russell has previously used the same title for a black and white collection of the earliest of these works, published by Eclipse Comics.
  • When Pacific went bankrupt, subsequent issues were published by Eclipse Comics.
  • His work has been published by Eclipse Comics in the US, much of it reprinted from Warrior.
  • Being built on the Eclipse framework, there is a raft of additional features provided directly by Eclipse.
  • The Miracleman comics published by Eclipse were collected into a number of individual volumes in the 1990s.
  • Ultimately, Brought to Light was published solely by Eclipse.
  • Monster Business is a platform game which was released in 1991 by Eclipse Software Design.
  • The conditions initially stipulated that those horses sired by Eclipse or Highflyer should carry an additional weight of three pounds.
  • During this time he also drew for Tales of Terror, a horror anthology published by Eclipse Comics.
  • Both records were distributed in the United States by Eclipse Records, and by the UK label Beautiful Happiness in Europe.
  • Eclipse Monthly was a full color comics anthology title published by Eclipse Comics.
  • Snyder wrote and drew his first project, Fashion in Action, published by Eclipse Comics in 1987.
  • After Pacific went bankrupt, two final issues were published by Eclipse Comics in November and December 1984.
  • The first five issues in the series were published from 1986-1987 by Eclipse Comics.
  • Total Eclipse was a comic book mini-series in five parts published by Eclipse Comics in 1988.
  • The fourth chapter ended in a cliffhanger that was later concluded in a special Rocketeer issue released by Eclipse Comics.
  • Genesis3D was a project by Eclipse Entertainment to create a real-time 3D engine for Microsoft Windows.
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