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  • Nearly all the songs were written and/or co-produced by the group.
  • Some have been re-recorded by other artists as well as by himself.
  • Six of the songs were written or co-written by members of the group.
  • It was produced by the former and co-produced by the latter.
  • He went back and sat down again in the arm-chair by the fire. Cited from Fortitude, by Hugh Walpole
  • He was not re-signed by the team and became a free agent.
  • The male is larger than the female by one third of his body size.
  • The song was co-written by every member of the band.
  • Within a week the population would certainly be reduced by one-half. Cited from Punch, Vol. 102, June 11, 1892, Ed. by Francis Burnand
  • It is their only song to have been co-written by all five members of the band.
  • Their early league form saw them move to second in the league by mid-November.
  • Will you sit on the arm-chair by the fire or at the table? Cited from Hobson's Choice, by Harold Brighouse
  • It was co-produced by their older brother George and the band.
  • Its population has increased by one half; that of the capital remains about the same. Cited from The Idea Of Progress, J.B. Bury
  • By mid-afternoon it began to take on a new character. Cited from Valley Of Silent Men, by James Oliver Curwo
  • By mid-November it was in position and being joined to the rest of the ship.
  • Numerous support acts hand-picked by the band became opening acts to these shows.
  • By mid-October the work was half-finished, but the field itself was almost complete.
  • Most of the songs have been re-recorded by the classic line-up over the years.
  • I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good.
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  • adverb So as to pass a given point
    every hour a train goes past