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  • Questions are then asked and the first to sound their buzzer may answer.
  • The police officer orders him to keep his hands off the buzzer.
  • When students think they know the answer, they ring in with the buzzer.
  • The first question was open to all players to answer on the buzzer.
  • Once they had the answer the captain would press the buzzer and give the answer.
  • If one third of the people when the Buzzer will stop immediately.
  • If both players go for the same level, the question is asked with both players on the buzzer.
  • A buzzer system similar to those seen on popular television game shows is used to signal an answer.
  • If they feel they have been chosen to be eliminated, they can press their buzzer.
  • If all the judges press their buzzers, the act must end immediately.
  • Academic team is a contest where students answer questions with a buzzer system.
  • Each opposing family member goes head to head in a quick fire buzzer round.
  • If no light is available, a buzzer and dry battery should be used. Cited from The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border, by Gerald Breckenridge
  • Australia won in dominating fashion after their previous two games came down to the final buzzer.
  • The buzzer can only be used once during the game.
  • Johnson's half court shot at the buzzer would have won the game, but it fell short.
  • During peace-training, the Buzzer on the whole has a very pleasant time of it. Cited from All In It K(1) Carries On, by John Hay Beith (AKA: Ian Hay)
  • In the 1970s, their first six games were decided at the buzzer.
  • Each team should select one member to serve as buzzer person.
  • If all of the judges press their buzzers, the act ends immediately.
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Meaning of buzzer

  • noun A signaling device that makes a buzzing sound