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  • Between the narrow buttresses, the walls could be opened up into large windows.
  • There are three buttresses on the south wall and two on the north wall.
  • Against the west wall of the church are two four-stage buttresses between which is a two-light window.
  • There are four buttresses at the west end and two at the north and south.
  • This allowed buttresses placed against walls in the mid-20th century to be removed.
  • The southern end is supported by two buttresses and the north side includes a door on the first floor.
  • Buttresses are placed between the windows on both sides of the building.
  • The east face has a set of five grouped together between two buttresses.
  • The original design made use of flying buttresses to support the weight of the roof.
  • The five buttresses have been used to support the wall after its neighboring house was taken down.
  • It has one tower, with has small buttresses on its sides.
  • The use of flying buttresses was employed to help the structure of the building.
  • The south wall of the tower is supported by two large buttresses, between which is a two-light window.
  • The complex walls are tall and are held up by stone buttresses.
  • Its cloister is small even though its walls and buttresses are very heavy.
  • It has no buttresses or external doors, and its windows are very small.
  • At the west end are buttresses and a four-light window.
  • The west end has angle buttresses and a tall three-light window.
  • The tower has buttresses on its north and south walls.
  • The windows along the sides of the church are divided by buttresses.
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Root form of buttresses is buttress for both verb and noun.

Meaning of buttresses

  • noun A support usually of stone or brick; supports the wall of a building
  • verb Reinforce with a buttress
    Buttress the church
  • verb Make stronger or defensible
    buttress your thesis