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  • She buttoned it on over her own dress, but even then it was about twice too large for her. Cited from A Little Florida Lady, by Dorothy C. Paine
  • Slightly expanded they are called buttons, once again because of the relative size and shape.
  • The convention for men's wear is that buttons go down the right side.
  • In one version of this experiment, subjects could press either of two buttons.
  • Five buttons are the bottom row, the other four being the top.
  • As he buttoned them up around the neck he stepped in front of a glass. Cited from The Devolutionist and The Emancipatrix,H. Flint
  • Then he buttoned his coat round him and swung himself out of the window. Cited from Jason, by Justus Miles Forman
  • They speak the time out loud at the press of a button.
  • Why we used to meet him continually at a club at Button's. Cited from Life Of Johnson, Vol. 3,Boswell, ed. Birkbeck Hill
  • There is no title bar button to close a window.
  • In other games, pressing these buttons will cause the code to not work.
  • She buttoned the door, and our hero found himself a close prisoner in the dark. Cited from Frank and Fearless, by Horatio Alger Jr.
  • The centre or top button will typically line up quite closely with the natural waistline.
  • At one point during the writing of Jim Button the plot reached a dead end.
  • One side had to be buttoned up when I had retired. Cited from The Great War As I Saw It, by Frederick George Scott
  • The top of the unit has two application-specific shoulder buttons.
  • The action of a blue button can usually also be invoked with the return key.
  • I then put this on and buttoned it up, and of course I took off my cap. Cited from The Man From the Clouds, by J. Storer Clouston
  • Normally these buttons are light grey in color, and turn blue when pressed.
  • However, this marked a turning point as Button scored in all of the remaining races.
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Meaning of button

  • noun A round fastener sewn to shirts and coats etc to fit through buttonholes
  • noun Any of various plant parts that resemble buttons
  • noun A round flat badge displaying information and suitable for pinning onto a garment
    they passed out campaign buttons for their candidate
  • noun Any artifact that resembles a button
  • verb Provide with buttons
    button a shirt
  • verb Fasten with buttons
    button the dress