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  • So he looked all around and the first thing he saw was a yellow buttercup flower. Cited from Uncle Wiggily's Travels, by Howard R. Garis
  • The type of this is a common British plant, most nearly related to the field buttercup. Cited from Hardy Perennials and Old Fashioned Flowers, by John Wood
  • Little Buttercup now comes forward to reveal her long-held secret.
  • Buttercup told her to lay her head on the chopping block, and he would show her.
  • However, the business is to keep our buttercup duchess from that same point. Cited from The Tale of Chloe by George Meredith
  • Still another was a purple-red flower, almost as large as a buttercup, with dark green leaves. Cited from Tales of Lonely Trails, by Zane Grey
  • Buttercup was in a bad way; there was no doubt of it. Cited from New Chronicles of Rebecca by Kate Douglas Wiggin 7
  • Generally he sent for the oldest woman to put her spectacles on, and try the buttercup test. Cited from The Pot of Gold, by Mary E. Wilkins
  • The buttercup-yellow rays often occur in forms having dark spots at the base.
  • The former Captain's now-humble social rank leaves him free to marry Buttercup.
  • Another common name is Buttercup tree because its yellow and bright flowers look like large-sized buttercups.
  • When the Bishop was at Buttercup I really felt almost obliged to be silent. Cited from Dr. Wortle's School, by Anthony Trollope
  • If he's right, then I'm a buttercup -- but that's neither here nor there. Cited from The Metal Monster, by A. Merritt
  • Buttercup says that she knows how it feels to love in vain.
  • It is then that Buttercup reveals her secret and provides a happy solution to the social conflict.
  • Bill meanwhile was flying back over the five miles that lay between him and Buttercup with all the speed he could obtain from his horse. Cited from Golden Days for Boys and Girls, Vol. XIII, Nov. 28, 1891, by Various
  • This and the bulbous buttercup, having so much else in common, have also the same visitors. Cited from Wild Flowers, by Neltje Blanchan
  • Who is poor Little Buttercup that she should expect his glance to fall on one so lowly! Cited from The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan
  • WE will now pass for a moment out of Bowick parish, and go over to Buttercup. Cited from Dr. Wortle's School, by Anthony Trollope
  • A few minutes later Buttercup was observed to glide upon the scene and sit down upon the self-same fallen tree. Cited from Charlie to the Rescue, by R.M. Ballantyne
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  • noun Any of various plants of the genus ranunculus