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  • When his term ended, he returned to his law practice in Butte.
  • Many German artillery positions had been established on the ground east of the butte.
  • He was good enough at basketball that he played one year at Butte Junior College.
  • The butte has eroded due to foot traffic since the park was developed.
  • The strike came at a weak point for the union movement in Butte.
  • At this time, Butte was one of the largest cities in the West.
  • Many of these homes were either destroyed, buried, or moved to the southern end of Butte.
  • He attended high school in Butte where his father worked for the Northern Pacific Railway.
  • He Began his professional career in Butte that same year.
  • Red Butte Creek runs within the northern part of the park.
  • Eagle Butte has been working hard at developing both roots and wings since its early beginning.
  • One of the first buildings to move was the Butte County Bank.
  • The highest point in the range is Rock Creek Butte, which is above sea level.
  • Butte became the site of the government's fourth largest immigration office and consequently needed a federal building.
  • Butte County is a county located in the U.S. state of California.
  • After graduation he became a football coach at Butte High School where he won two state championships.
  • The campus grounds and the Red Butte Garden are open to the public every day.
  • Without work, Knievel began to find himself in more and more trouble around Butte.
  • The sell-out broke the back of the labor movement in Butte for a decade.
  • The bear came to rest east of the Black Hills at what is now Bear Butte.
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Meaning of Butte

  • noun A hill that rises abruptly from the surrounding region; has a flat top and sloping sides
  • noun A town in southwestern montana; center for mining copper