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  • He was born while his father was under the age of twenty-one.
  • One third of the members of the council are appointed by the government.
  • His face was that of a boy of twenty-one or twenty-two. Cited from Kitchener's Mob, by James Norman Hall
  • About one-fourth of that number fell in the army of the king. Cited from History United Netherlands, 1590b by Motley
  • The original was played on radio during the re-release of this track.
  • He is also a co-author of a book based on the show.
  • He was initially elected to the position at the age of twenty-four.
  • The cover in question was used in the re-release of the album.
  • The break-up of the short-lived conference began soon after it formed.
  • She was thus the only child to live past the age of twenty-five.
  • This was to be a part of a re-release of their third album.
  • By the age of twenty-one, he was captain of his own ship.
  • A railway station can be found to the south-east of the town centre.
  • Foot suggested five to seven years of self-government before any final decision.
  • Large new areas are mainly in the north and south-east of the city.
  • The city has about one-fifth of the population of the whole republic. Cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3
  • He was a co-author of several other books on history and game management.
  • The life of their trust was for the space of twenty-one years. Cited from History of the Negro Race, Vol 1, by George W. Williams
  • This was no little success for a young prince of twenty-one. Cited from A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times, V.3 of 6, by Guizot
  • He is the co-author of three previous books on military history.
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