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  • Busy with this work, she carried out very little scientific research during that period.
  • The bank was busy and no one could remember anything specific about the person.
  • He abandoned the project five months later, due to being too busy for it.
  • Despite the loss of her singing voice, she kept busy with many projects.
  • This means a player can make his or her status busy, available, etc.
  • Today it is a busy city with a port and a university.
  • With eight children in the family, home was a busy place.
  • The boys all received letters and busied themselves reading them and writing others. Cited from Bob Hunt in Canada, by George W. Orton
  • I never have been busier in my life than in the last two weeks. Cited from Letters of Franklin K. Lane, edited by Lane & Wall
  • I found myself living a much busier life than I had ever lived. Cited from The Quest of the Simple Life, by William J. Dawson
  • This generally gives a slightly higher value than the time-consistent busy hour value.
  • The east side of the station is much busier than the west side.
  • Many events keep the art scene very busy and attract visitors every month.
  • He set down the glass, and busied himself once more with her wounded hand. Cited from The Swindler and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell
  • The gate still remains and is now located in a busy market in the inner city.
  • The square has become quite busy again, with few empty buildings.
  • Slowly the two men moved back to the busier part of the city. Cited from The Lighted Match, by Charles Neville Buck
  • But the little mother was all the busier when she returned home in the evening. Cited from The Little Immigrant, by Eva Stern
  • She took the key from its usual secret place and busied herself opening the box. Cited from The Lady of Fort St. John, by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  • He was busy during the summer, but work was scarce at other times.
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Meaning of busy

  • verb Keep busy with
    She busies herself with her butterfly collection
  • adjective Actively or fully engaged or occupied
    busy with her work, a busy man, too busy to eat lunch