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  • After her film career ended she became a successful businesswoman and never returned to acting.
  • She won wide respect as one of the leading businesswomen of her time.
  • At her death, she was described as the greatest businesswoman in her country.
  • She plans to continue her show business career and possibly become a businesswoman when she becomes an adult.
  • Prior to being elected to the state assembly, she was a businesswoman.
  • Though she is a businesswoman, she is clear that her heart for the business was never set on making money.
  • Her father is a theatre sound engineer, and her mother is a businesswoman.
  • Previously a businesswoman and senior public servant, she is the first woman to hold the position.
  • Years later, she is a successful businesswoman in the big city.
  • She is the second most powerful businesswoman in India in this list.
  • She became known among all classes as a businesswoman who sold her produce through the community from her handcart.
  • Added to this wealth was his wife's success as a businesswoman.
  • He died two years later, after which Shaw went on to become a successful businesswoman.
  • Aside from her political career she has been a self-employed businesswoman since 1991.
  • She has recently joined the committee of Businesswoman of the Year.
  • She thus became a businesswoman as well, and the first female editor and publisher in the nation.
  • Autumn becomes a successful businesswoman by working at a store and a bar.
  • She is currently a businesswoman, who owns her own travel company.
  • He has a wife who is a rich businesswoman.
  • Her father works for an oil refinery and her mother is a businesswoman.
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Meaning of businesswoman

  • noun A female businessperson