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  • Afterwards he retired from the political life and became a businessman.
  • During his career in private life he was a lawyer, newspaper editor and businessman.
  • Although he had little formal education he became a farmer and a businessman at an early age.
  • Who has done the most for the small businessman?
  • He became a successful businessman and later owned a hotel, a furniture store, and a bank.
  • The purple martin factory has been recently been sold to a Chicago businessman.
  • He became a successful businessman in post-war Germany.
  • Her mother is a homemaker and her father is a self-made businessman and local political talk show host.
  • Gregg was also a local businessman involved with the family mill-working business.
  • Despite their best efforts, the townspeople are unable to drive the businessman away.
  • His father was later a successful small businessman.
  • He was also a successful businessman and television producer.
  • He was a well-known businessman at the time.
  • Reynolds became a successful oil businessman after his playing career.
  • Haliburton became a noted local businessman and a judge, but his great fame came from his writing.
  • A more honest and sincere businessman and friend you would not find in any walk of life.
  • The successful businessman sought ways to help those who lacked the family life he found to be so crucial.
  • The cook asks the businessman how he survived without even getting wet.
  • As a result of this a local businessman decided to hold a "Peace March" the following week.
  • Prior to his political career, he was a prominent lawyer and businessman in Montreal.
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Meaning of businessman

  • noun A person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)