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  • Info Burstow is a village and civil parish in the Tandridge district of Surrey, England. more...
  • Burstow has a reputation for his work with and for older people.
  • The wedding, which was carried out at Burstow Church, was also carried out unknown to her family.
  • He is buried at Burstow, and the east window in the church was dedicated to him as a memorial.
  • He also kept horses which he occasionally used for fox-hunting with the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt.
  • The southern boundary is marked by the Burstow stream.
  • R v Burstow extended "bodily harm" to include psychological trauma if it formed a recognised serious mental condition.
  • Flamsteed is buried in Burstow Church and a star that commemorates him is in the large window above the altar.
  • The Burstow pack dates from around 1866, having previously been a harrier pack.
  • The sitting Member of Parliament for the constituency is Paul Burstow, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.
  • It stretches as a long, thin parish south of the Ridge towards Lingfield and Burstow.
  • Burstow Primary School, or simply Burstow School, the largest state school in the parish, is in the middle of the neighbourhood.
  • On his election, Burstow immediately became a spokesman on the Environment under Paddy Ashdown.
  • The church hall at Smallfield in the parish of Burstow is also used for services and is accordingly part of the Deanery.
  • Burstow's victim was fearful of personal violence and was diagnosed as suffering from a severe depressive illness.
  • These celebrate some of the rich variety of places, events and activities that have gone to make up Burstow, Smallfield and Keepers Corner.
  • The club was founded in 1997 by Paul Burstow.
  • In R v Burstow, R v Ireland, one of the defendants was prosecuted for this offence.
  • Rantzen and Burstow are listed among the trustees of The Silver Line helpline.
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