burst its banks

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  • The majority of the former residential area was washed away when the river burst its banks.
  • A storm in 1821 again caused the river to burst its banks.
  • The river rose to its brim and burst its banks. Cited from Ungava Bob, by Dillon Wallace
  • In the past, the Selke burst its banks on several occasions causing significant damage.
  • It frequently bursts its banks after heavy rain.
  • During his crusade, Houyi happened to come upon a river that had burst its banks.
  • However, due to a particularly wet winter, the river burst its banks and flooded the site, leaving it deep in mud.
  • This mass of water rushing into the already swollen river made it burst its banks, and sweep over the surrounding country. Cited from The Great Round World, Vol. 1, No. 27, May 13, 1897, by Various
  • In 1985 the river burst its banks, and since then floods have been on a smaller scale.
  • In 2009, following heavy rainfall, the river burst its banks cutting roads and railway lines.
  • During a flood the Tigris burst its banks leaving Kashkar on its east bank.
  • After heavy rain, the river burst its banks preventing Moss from a final attempt to blow up a section of the bridge.
  • The Teme has in recent times often bursts its banks.
  • Several homes were also flooded in the town after the River Greta burst its banks, rising above normal.
  • The following day, the river Leam burst its banks.
  • The Irish Farmers Association reported that the River Shannon burst its banks in numerous places.
  • This sometimes leads to water restrictions if the river runs low, however in January 2005 the river burst its banks after heavy rain.
  • On a second occasion, the River Crake burst its banks and flooded several houses adjacent to the river.
  • At Thames Ditton, the river burst its banks and more property was expected to flood.
  • The river had burst its banks, and was flowing all over the line, and through the flood came the train, and dashed into the water. Cited from The Jolliest School of All, by Angela Brazil
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