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  • It can be selected to fire either a three round burst or single fire.
  • The bursts are allowed when the line was under-used before they appeared.
  • There was a burst of activity to get things ready in time.
  • According to his own account, he burst into tears and fled to his room.
  • A couple of short, hard burst from there and that was usually it.
  • She is also able to direct this energy in smaller bursts via her hands when necessary.
  • That evening he burst into the drawing-room where the family was having supper.
  • My son fell off a tall building he was working on and bursted his head. Cited from Slave Narratives, Arkansas Part 2, by Work Projects Administration
  • However, the price for this was a very high noise level at burst speed.
  • Even without treatment they rarely result in death as they will naturally burst through the skin.
  • It is said that as she was burning her heart burst from her body and struck the wall.
  • Players can also choose to play in short bursts, or over a longer period.
  • Mary could not help bursting into tears when Bill took his leave for the last time. Cited from From Powder Monkey to Admiral, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • Two soldiers were killed in the initial burst and Young was wounded.
  • The ball burst on the second time that it was struck.
  • I looked again, and then fell from the tree and almost bursted. Cited from Laddie, by Gene Stratton Porter
  • He then covered his face with his cloak and burst into tears.
  • For thirty years full-time training in bursts of a week or so before a big match were common.
  • They clear four more plains and a further seven lakes burst from the ground.
  • Then we looked at each other, and we ended by bursting out laughing. Cited from To The West, by George Manville Fenn
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Meaning of burst

  • noun A sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)
    a burst of applause, a fit of housecleaning
  • verb Come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure
    The bubble burst
  • verb Move suddenly, energetically, or violently
    He burst out of the house into the cool night
  • verb Emerge suddenly
    The sun burst into view
  • verb Break open or apart suddenly and forcefully
    The dam burst