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  • Burnham eventually went back to California to attend high school, but he never graduated.
  • Burnham refused to give it up, however, and the contest continued for many years.
  • Burnham has sent his data and methods to other researchers, who found it sufficient.
  • Fort Burnham remained in Union hands until the end of the war.
  • Burnham served as an elected village official for short periods, as did Lord's son.
  • Burnham lived on the land and later willed it to his nine children.
  • Although Burnham had lived all over the world, he never had a great deal of wealth to show for his efforts.
  • Shortly before Lord's death that year, the company name was changed to Lord & Burnham.
  • Burnham's office claimed that they had removed false statements that had been drawn to their attention.
  • The town has a community magazine based in the town and compiled by Burnham residents.
  • The next day, Burnham heard fighting in the distance so he crawled in that direction.
  • At one time there were indeed seven Burnham villages, all within a radius of two miles.
  • Wells had trained him in shooting and considered Burnham almost a part of his family.
  • This was the original site for Burnham's planned government center and capitol building.
  • Burnham managed to secure selection to contest the safe seat at the next General Election.
  • Burnham then went to Africa where this background proved useful.
  • Burnham returned to the Klondike having played no part in the war.
  • To top it off, Wright would have a position in Burnham's firm upon his return.
  • Burnham umpired one game during the 1879 season, three years after giving up the first-class game.
  • Burnham had little formal education, never finishing high school.
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  • noun United states architect who designed the first important skyscraper with a skeleton (1846-1912)