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  • Burns's academic family moved frequently, but his two best friends never left his side.
  • Burns's academic family moved frequently, but his two best friends never left his side.
  • His film was destroyed and he received burns on his hands.
  • The original bridge into the Fort had been burned down, plus the buildings inside.
  • Burns then broke down and had to be helped to his seat.
  • Another building was built and burned before being used.
  • Often, paper versions of these objects are burned for the same purpose.
  • The state bank and many other structures burned to the ground.
  • All season long it burned me, playing there in the shadow of that stadium.
  • The original station burnt down in the later part of 19th century.
  • She was left with burns and lost sight in one eye.
  • Outside, they set fire to the building which burnt down and those who tried to escape were killed.
  • Some buildings burned to the ground, while the foundations of others simply gave way.
  • However, failure to get the notes published led him to burn them.
  • Burns wrote most of the material and played the straight man.
  • The crew described the burn as being the longest four minutes of their lives.
  • Once again, the east gate was burnt down, although this time it was not replaced.
  • Louis burned to speed up everything, transform everything and build his new world.
  • Nine people were killed and over a hundred were treated for burns.
  • He ordered the ship to be burnt and the Spanish crew to be set free.
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Meaning of burn

  • noun Pain that feels hot as if it were on fire
  • noun An injury caused by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation
  • noun A place or area that has been burned (especially on a person's body)
  • noun Damage inflicted by fire
  • verb Destroy by fire
    They burned the house and his diaries
  • verb Shine intensely, as if with heat
    The coals were glowing in the dark, The candles were burning
  • verb Undergo combustion
    Maple wood burns well
  • verb Cause to burn or combust
    The sun burned off the fog, We combust coal and other fossil fuels
  • verb Feel strong emotion, especially anger or passion
    She was burning with anger, He was burning to try out his new skies
  • verb Cause to undergo combustion
    burn garbage, The car burns only Diesel oil
  • verb Burn at the stake
    Witches were burned in Salem
  • verb Spend (significant amounts of money)
    He has money to burn
  • verb Feel hot or painful
    My eyes are burning
  • verb Burn with heat, fire, or radiation
    The iron burnt a hole in my dress