burglary case

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  • It should be kept in mind that Mary Burton was only a witness in the burglary case already mentioned. Cited from History of the Negro Race, Vol 1, by George W. Williams
  • As a result, he made his first appearance in the public record in 1690, as a suspect in a burglary case.
  • Cobb argued the confession should have been suppressed because his right to counsel had been invoked once he had been charged in the burglary case.
  • "Not positively necessary, but it will enable me to dismiss the burglary case absolutely against young Sleeny." Cited from The Bread-winners, by John Hay
  • While Cobb was free on bond in the burglary case, Cobb's father contacted the police to tell them his son had confessed to killing the woman and child.
  • Her writings included "Women as branch leaders; burglary case results in death penalty; police brutality; rape of minors; and anti-lynching."
  • In season 3 when Major Colvin institutes the Hamsterdam initiative Brown is one of the officers freed up to be assigned to investigate complaints rather than perform radio car patrols and he solves a church burglary case.
  • Initially brought on to help defend founding partner and famed criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, he later served as Special Counsel in the Watergate Burglary case before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
  • Ughbanks was a burglary case, and the opinion was written for the Court by Justice Rufus Peckham, while Justice John Marshall Harlan was the sole dissenter.
  • The gun used was a Czechoslovakian made 9mm CZ 75 pistol, manufactured in 1984 and was originally sold in Norway where the gun went missing due to an unsolved burglary case in 1990.
  • As the summit draws ever closer, preparations are again thwarted when Xin Yi becomes "collateral damage" while investigating a seemingly mundane kidnapping and burglary case and is held hostage by a mysterious Korean-American man.
  • Safe Burglary Case 9/8/1876 Corrupt building contractors in Washington, D.C., were on trial for graft when bogus Secret Service agents working for the contractors placed damaging evidence into the safe of the district attorney who was prosecuting the ring.
  • Safe Burglary Case 9/23/1876 The corrupt agents "arrested" the "thieves" who then committed perjury by signing a document falsely stating Alexander was involved in the safe burglary.