burglary attempt

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  • The eight who remained behind decided to make another burglary attempt.
  • In Liddy's account, the failed burglary attempt happened around midnight.
  • At the time of the burglary attempt and Miles's death, murder was a capital offence in England and Wales.
  • Although nothing was missing from the house, some investigators working on the case believe the murders resulted from a bungled burglary attempt.
  • A relocker is one of various mechanisms intended to keep a safe or vault locked in a burglary attempt.
  • In congressional testimony, Hunt was asked if there had been a second unsuccessful burglary attempt after the Ameritas dinner.
  • Shot during a burglary attempt during the early hours of Monday, November 26, 2007, Taylor died the following day.
  • During an ill-fated burglary attempt on October 17, 1894, Egan was shot through the face by a policeman.
  • Other than the testimony of the conspirators, there is no evidence to support or verify any of the accounts of a second burglary attempt on the night of Saturday, May 27.
  • This auxiliary locking device usually consists of a spring-loaded bolt of some type, held in check by a bracket or cable that is rigged to release the mechanism in a burglary attempt.
  • In 2001, Ferguson was the victim of a burglary attempt by two men at his then home in Rufford, between Liverpool and Preston.
  • As preparations for the robbery continue, the gang finds itself compromised: Clean Willy is captured following a burglary attempt and informs on Pierce.
  • Power, her husband Robert Power, and seven other men were convicted of murdering Keen in a burglary attempt of Keen's summer home on 9 September 1754.
  • They then packed the photography equipment and lights into a suitcase to carry with them in the new burglary attempt, along with a hatbox carrying a Polaroid camera and film [Undercover, p. 225].
  • Many years later, during an evening when Feluda visits Dutta's home to investigate the previous night's burglary attempt, Feluda suddenly discovers that Mr. Dutta's research paper and a handful sum of cash money have been stolen.
  • Derek William Bentley (30 June 1933 - 28 January 1953) was hanged for the murder of a police officer, committed in the course of a burglary attempt.
  • On or about Tuesday, May 23, Gonzalez had been taken overtly up to the sixth floor of the Watergate by McCord to view the entrance to DNC headquarters, so Gonzalez had gotten to see the actual DNC lock four days before this second burglary attempt.
  • On April 9, 1910, Pawleka appeared at his wife and mother-in-law's residence and threatened both On April 10, 1910, he made a burglary attempt on the home of a local butcher, and in the melee that resulted, Police Sargeant John McGuire was wounded by gunfire.