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  • Nothing like a few good large words, with not much meaning, for these burghs. Cited from Mr. Hogarth's Will, by Catherine Helen Spence
  • On the other hand large burghs became independent of the county for most purposes.
  • The Act made no statement on the title city for any other burgh.
  • Nor do they refer to the former district or to the royal burgh.
  • The burghs were divided into fifteen groups, each of which was given one member. Cited from An Outline of the Relations ... England & Scotland, 500-1707, by Rait
  • To secure the burghs, control of three out of the five was necessary.
  • The burghs had power of self-government, and were able to develop commercial and industrial operations. Cited from Scottish Cathedrals and Abbeys, by Dugald Butler and Herbert Story
  • Each police burgh had a police force originally, although many merged in the 19th century.
  • The German town was set up on empty space between the burghs.
  • The number of small burghs increased and the number of districts declined over the time period.
  • She also supported de Burgh on nine dates of his European tour.
  • Burghs are listed below under the name of the county to which they belonged.
  • When one also takes into account the burghs the true complexity of the matter is revealed.
  • David would found more of these burghs when he became King of Scots.
  • Perhaps ten per cent of the population lived in one of burghs.
  • Certainly, the desire to have such a facility in the burgh was long standing.
  • The Act did not contain a list of large and small burghs.
  • This marked the start of de Burgh's interest in the province.
  • This marked the start of de Burgh's interest in the province.
  • Unlike royal burghs, they were not allowed to participate in foreign trade.
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Meaning of Burgh

  • noun A borough in scotland