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  • All these events were limited to one free burger per person.
  • Burger became more active in her union, and quickly moved through the ranks of the local union.
  • Burger grew up on the family farm near the edge of Saint Paul.
  • Child also had the burgers delivered to her during a hospital stay.
  • Eventually, he improved his English by working in a friend's burger van.
  • The older model was the one used by Burger King for the action figure.
  • Over the next two weeks, Burger and the other six were arrested.
  • It was thought at the time that Burger would miss at least the first three weeks of the season.
  • Australia is the only country in which Burger King does not operate under its own name.
  • Once all burgers are completed, the game level is finished.
  • The game has been shown in a Burger King television commercial.
  • Burger King has two of its own in-house national charitable organizations and programs.
  • Around that same time, she appeared in a Burger King commercial.
  • A nearby Burger King restaurant was used as a center for police operations.
  • He then revealed the truth to Burger: he had no intention of going through with the mission.
  • The burgers are now commonly found in many retail stores across the US.
  • The first floor area encompassing Burger King has been moved from land-side to air-side.
  • The film was commercial director Peter Burger's feature film debut.
  • The film was commercial director Peter Burger's feature film debut.
  • He recorded a guest appearance for the third season of Bob's Burgers.
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  • noun United states jurist appointed chief justice of the united states supreme court by richard nixon (1907-1995)