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  • I saw three young college students about to enter one of the bureaus. Cited from Mr. World and Miss Church-Member, by W. S. Harris
  • These projects were the first in the city's construction bureau's history.
  • The bureau's books show that last year it spent five dollars in serving each member. Cited from How To Write Special Feature Articles, by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer
  • The company includes most companies and design bureaus, save for some defence companies.
  • The former is divided into ten and the latter into eight bureaus. Cited from Civil Government in the United States, by John Fiske
  • How we come to have some of the bureaus I don't know. Cited from Letters of Franklin K. Lane, edited by Lane & Wall
  • In addition to these eight bureaus, the department has charge of various other branches of government. Cited from Government and Administration of the United States, by Willoughby
  • Other farm bureaus on a county level formed across the country.
  • Bureaus opened and closed at various times depending on the world situation and local circumstances.
  • The paper's outside news bureaus grew from four to six during her tenure.
  • The bureau chief decided against running the story until more details and further confirmation had been obtained.
  • He has been assigned to and headed several of the Times foreign bureaus.
  • The bureau's condition is that the focus is on the union.
  • AM had several special requirements for the three service bureaus it had engaged. Cited from LOC Workshop on eBooks, US Library of Congress
  • After this committee reported, Hall became a member of the Bureau's planning unit.
  • Only a few large newspapers could afford bureaus outside their home city.
  • According to the Constitution these officers are merely the heads of his bureaus. Cited from North America, Vol. 2, by Anthony Trollope
  • In addition to its main studios, the station operates two other news bureaus.
  • Many cities and states set up research bureaus to apply the latest results.
  • Both sides agreed that the bureau should end after the states were re-admitted, the question was whether that would be soon.
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