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  • The GT was readily identified by its bumperettes on the front and rear.
  • The rear fascia featured a wider trunk mouth and lower lift over height to ease loading baggage while the front was smoothed with simplified chrome molding and absent bumperettes.
  • Also, in order to comply with US Federally mandated bumper restrictions, the frontal crash structure was slightly changed and rear bumperettes were added next to the licence plate mount.
  • The Rally Sport option with its chrome bumperettes on either side of an impact absorbing urethane grill surround continued for one more year due to creative bracing behind the front sheetmetal.
  • It featured a large black single front bumper for the US market, rather than the separate bumperettes still used abroad, as well as a 248 hp (185 kW) Cleveland engine.
  • This year the optional "Bumperettes" were offered for the LT models (front bumper only) and were mandatory for all Camaro models sold in the state of California.
  • The Firebird received a restyled nose with Black wrap-around inserts known as "bumperettes" to replace the grille inserts; wrap-around "bumperettes" were also added to the rear bumper.