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  • The new rear bumpers were much larger, square shaped, and sat lower on the body.
  • The new front and new large bumpers made what was an already odd-looking car even stranger.
  • Only the West End line tracks end at bumper blocks at their south end.
  • New commercial bumpers were added and a new opening sequence was created.
  • They also may produce recorded content, from shows to radio commercials and commercial bumpers.
  • The commercial bumpers featured the host and musical guest in a light color background.
  • The front drive models received new a front bumper design.
  • Also, the female models that were featured in the opening and coming up bumpers were removed as well.
  • It is round, with a bumper going all the way around.
  • He was known equally for his ability to use his front bumper and his natural talents.
  • The commercial bumpers remain mostly the same as last season.
  • This was also mentioned on the station's bumpers between songs.
  • The higher equipped versions received the larger US bumpers and were thus somewhat longer overall.
  • Various tracks are sometimes used as bumper music on National Public Radio.
  • The last two lines were often sung over the show bumpers that led into the last commercial break of each show.
  • Bumper received one battle star for her World War II service.
  • They are attached under the rear bumper of the vehicle so they are visible from behind.
  • The track ends at a bumper block at the north end of the platform.
  • South of this station, a fourth track to the west of the line begins at a bumper block.
  • In the early years, it was used for commercial break bumpers.
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  • noun A glass filled to the brim (especially as a toast)
    we quaffed a bumper of ale
  • noun A mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage