Bumper Stumpers

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  • Info Bumper Stumpers is a Canadian game show in which two teams of two players attempted to decipher vanity license plates in an attempt to win money. more...
  • Bumper Stumpers featured two teams, one usually a returning champion pair.
  • The sound effect that was used when a player buzzes in was taken from Bumper Stumpers.
  • Bumper Stumpers used a game board consisting of seven monitors, and each jump-in question used the top row of two monitors.
  • This is the logo for the Canadian TV game show Bumper Stumpers.
  • He hosted the popular game show Bumper Stumpers between 1987 and 1990.
  • The third Bumper Stumpers bonus round consisted of a series of five plates connected to a subject, with each plate serving as a clue to the subject's identity.
  • These were the first two games to air in first-run on the network since the 1990-91 season, when USA aired the final season of Bumper Stumpers and The New Chain Reaction.