bumper canards

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  • Info Bumper canards (also dive planes) are small wings attached to the front spoiler of a car for the purposes of modifying the aerodynamic characteristics of the car in a modest way.
  • The high strength to weight ratio and desirable appearance ensures that bumper canards currently sold for road-going cars are often also made from this material.
  • Whether bumper canards installed on road-going vehicles are a genuine performance enhancement or simply a cosmetic modification is sometimes contested.
  • Bumper canards are relatively simple to install and are often available with slightly different curvature to match the shape of the front spoiler of the vehicle to which they will be fitted.
  • The most common use of bumper canards is to increase front downforce on cars where the balance of traction is considered to be unfavourably biased towards the rear wheels.
  • Due to strength and weight considerations, bumper canards designed for race use were originally fabricated from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP).
  • The bumper canards, once installed, provide additional downforce at the front of the vehicle, adjusting the balance of traction and thus improving the handling characteristics of the car.
  • Basic aerodynamic principles dictate that the downforce created by air pressure on a surface increases exponentially with speed, thus, as with many aerodynamic modifications the bumper canards are primarily suited to the high speed conditions of motor racing.
  • Commercially available bumper canards include a 'mounting kit' which amounts to a set of high quality bolts which fasten through holes drilled in the front bumper to accommodate the canards.