bumper bar

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  • The front of the car was protected by a heavier and more massive bumper bar that curved around the fenders.
  • Also, the separate black-rubber bumper bar of the XJ40 is gone and replaced with a fully integrated body-coloured bumper.
  • Apart from the obvious radiator grill and bumper bar changes, there were other less obvious changes that took place during the Midgets production run.
  • It was distinguished by more luxurious fittings and longer front and rear bumper bars to meet North American NCAP safety standards.
  • A wood-rimmed wheel with riveted perimeter was fitted to some models along with auxiliary lamps under the front bumper bars.
  • Both Magna and Verada shared the same body but the latter featured larger bumper bars to meet export market safety standards as well as luxury fittings.
  • Also giving the XC a noticeable difference were redesigned tail-lights with new separate reverse lights, and large chrome bumper bars.
  • Brock's championship got back on track with an all-the-way win in Adelaide where he won by the length of the Commodore's bumper bar from Moffat.
  • Exterior styling upgrades included a model specific molded spoiler, side skirts and a bumper bar incorporating fog-lights.
  • The red paint was hardly dry on his spotless bumper-bar, his headlight shone like a fireman's helmet, and his cab might have been a hard-wood-finish parlour. Cited from The Day's Work [Vol. 1], by Rudyard Kipling
  • Holden also added a new grille, plenum chamber (Wiper Vent) cover, larger bumper bar over-riders, different badging and side trim style.
  • Aside from badging, the main differences between the 86/GT86 and the BRZ are the front grilles and bumper bars.
  • The front-end was unique with a flat panel (with "DATSUN" in individual letters) between the hood opening and the grille, which was oval-shaped that was split by the bumper bar.
  • Unlike other GS Rally Pack cars, the road wheels were painted in complementary Polar White, as were the bumper bars and the front grille assembly.
  • The frontal appearance of the Magna/Verada range had a distinctive grille again divided like on the TJ series, but this time by an extension of the bumper bar and not the bonnet.
  • Apart from their badging, R Spec Typhoons can be identified by their Thurderstorm Grey inserts seen on the front and rear bumper bars, fog light surrounds, rear spoiler pillars and alloy wheels.
  • At the rear, a rounded boot lid and bumper bar were fitted to continue the swoopy front theme, but the rear tail lights remained effectively unchanged from those of the TJ series (except for VR-X which featured darkened lenses).
  • It comprised the XR6, XR6 VCT, XR6 VCT Sprint and the XR8 with a unique quad-lamp front bumper bar and non-high end bonnet.