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  • In later forms the bullette became reduced, in some to the point of being vestigial.
  • In earlier, Ordovician forms the bullette became quite large and readily noticeable.
  • His wife was the daughter of Bullette, who was elected the Cherokee National Council in 1876.
  • The Lowoceratidae is a small family of discosorids, early nautiloid cephalopods, from the Middle Silurian in which the characteristic bullette is found only in early growth stages.
  • He is currently in the gaze-grunge duo The Sky Drops with Monika Bullette (drums/vocals).
  • Michael Angelo inadvertently entered without being sealed, so he was conducted, together with his companions, to the office of the Bullette, and condemned to pay a fine of fifty Bolognese lire: not having the wherewithal he was obliged to remain at the office. Cited from Michael Angelo Buonarroti, by Charles Holroyd
  • Finally and most diagnostic, discosorids developed a reinforcing, grommet-like structure in the septal opening of the siphuncle known as the bullette, formed by a thickening of the connecting ring as it draped around the folded back septal neck.

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