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  • Because it is longer, it has three bullet-resistant windows on each side, instead of two.
  • In addition, it is half as heavy and thick as bullet-resistant glass.
  • These models included body armor, bullet-resistant glass and run-flat tires.
  • There are various mandatory tests which items must pass before they can be classified as bullet-resistant.
  • Bullet resistant materials are often used in law enforcement and military applications, to protect personnel from death or serious injuries.
  • The second type of modern police shield is the bullet-resistant tactical shield.
  • The fifth bullet hit the bullet-resistant glass of the window on the open side door of the limousine.
  • For safety, each lane is separated from the adjacent lanes by bullet-resistant glass.
  • In 2003, researchers stated they were five to ten years away from making the fluid bullet resistant.
  • Bullet-resistant materials are usually tested by using a gun to fire a projectile from a set distance into the material in a set pattern.
  • The car's windows and frame are bullet-resistant.
  • The industry generally refers to it as bullet-resistant glass or transparent armour.
  • Instead, the term bullet resistant is generally preferred.
  • Other military uses include bullet resistant facemasks used by sentries.
  • Cockpit doors on most commercial airliners have been strengthened and are now bullet resistant.
  • A few years later H&A prepared a bullet-resistant car for then President Harry S Truman.
  • He experimented with designs for bullet-resistant clothing made of multiple layers of silk.
  • The Type B was the first to dispense with the heavy bullet resistant windscreen.
  • This research would ultimately lead to the bullet resistant vests that are the mainstay of police and military units in the industrialized world.
  • Ballistic nylon has been replaced by Kevlar and other, more effective, bullet resistant fabrics for these cases.
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