bullet holes

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  • Just seconds later he fell forward with a bullet hole below his left eye.
  • Before leaving the camp he had several bullet-holes shot through his coat. Cited from Historic Tales, Vol. 1 (of 15), by Charles Morris
  • It is not every boy who has a bullet-hole in his hat. Cited from The Slowcoach, by E. V. Lucas
  • He was found dead in his door yard with a bullet hole in the back of his head. Cited from Arizona Sketches, by Joseph A. Munk
  • The house has a large bullet hole on the north interior wall.
  • "How did you get that bullet-hole in your hand?" he asked. Cited from Ranson's Folly, by Richard Harding Davis
  • Many bullet holes left over from the war can be observed on the stone walls.
  • Why, two or three bullet holes like that would only put a fellow out for a few weeks. Cited from Poor Man's Rock, by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • His final appearance is with a bullet hole in his head.
  • One of those Russian pirates has put a bullet hole on my island!
  • Two men were lying dead on the ground, both with bullet holes through their heads. Cited from The Gold Hunter's Adventures, by William H. Thomes
  • A bullet hole in his heart -- and thirty years of work that he might have done thrown away! Cited from The Bat, by M. R. Rinehart & Avery Hopwood
  • One little bullet-hole through one of the wings, no more. Cited from Letters to Helen, by Keith Henderson
  • A couple of bullet-holes passed through his body, one on each side, but they went out again. Cited from Winsome Winnie and other New Nonsense Novels, by Stephen Leacock
  • A bullet hole in his head mutely told how he had met his death. Cited from Danger Signals, by John A. Hill and Jasper Ewing Brady
  • The vehicle was later discovered full of bullet holes and covered in blood.
  • Also have got a bullet-hole in my right hand. Cited from Judith of Blue Lake Ranch, by Jackson Gregory
  • And he had seen them only once and that when his chief concern was a bullet hole in his side. Cited from Wolf Breed, by Jackson Gregory
  • If we ever come across the rag we'll find my bullet hole through it. Cited from The Young Engineers in Colorado, by H. Irving Hancock
  • He picked up his cap, and found a bullet hole through the top of it. Cited from On The Blockade, by Oliver Optic
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