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  • Info A bullet is a projectile propelled by a firearm, sling, slingshot, or air gun. more...
  • One of them was hit by a bullet and immediately taken to hospital.
  • His mind made him believe that his body could stop bullets.
  • Of course, when writing by hand, bullets may be drawn in any style.
  • The round nose soft point bullet is used on most other game species.
  • As he came within range, he opened up with a stream of machine-gun bullets. Cited from History of the World War, by Francis A. March and Richard J. Beamish
  • And I just got in there when bullets starting going by me.
  • But we'll have it a machine gun bullet if you like. Cited from Okewood of the Secret Service, Valentine Williams
  • Yet, claims about silver bullets pop up now and again, even today.
  • To the left is a bullet of the same type that has not been fired.
  • One of them was killed by a bullet and the other wounded.
  • The bullet went right through his head and exited near the right eye.
  • They took refuge behind trees, just as if a little tree would stop a machine gun bullet. Cited from Into the Jaws of Death, by Jack O'Brien
  • They shot out the front window and shot up the inside of the store, but then ran out of bullets.
  • I could almost feel the bullet leaving the gun and entering his skull.
  • Too dangerous to remove, the bullet remained with him for the rest of his life.
  • Another who had attempted to shield his body from the bullets was shot.
  • The primary reason was pressure to use non-lead bullets.
  • However, the bullet went right through his chin and neck and did not kill him.
  • These pre-formed bullets are simply pressed into the case mouth.
  • He put a bullet into his head too.
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Meaning of bullet

  • noun A projectile that is fired from a gun