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  • The three companies make up the bulk of the pay-per-view business.
  • It was written at a much later date than the bulk of her work.
  • The water was fairly clear, and he could see two great bulks below instead of one. Cited from Boy Scouts in a Submarine, by G. Harvey Ralphson
  • The bulk of the population converted in the course of the next few centuries.
  • During his time off he bulked up and developed his legs.
  • James lived a few hundred yards from his father; his house bulked to much the same effect. Cited from On the Stairs, by Henry B. Fuller
  • Further to the north is the bulk of the main island.
  • It may take a decade for the bulk of these older ships to be retired.
  • The bulk of the money, however, came from companies and individuals connected to the financial industry.
  • The bulk of the force was dropped rather far from the bridge and never met their objective.
  • The great fact to mark is that never has the missionary movement bulked so large. Cited from Quiet Talks with World Winners, by S. D. Gordon
  • David retained the bulk of his army and thus the power to go on the offensive again.
  • The plan still left the bulk of the state's investment in industrial capital-goods production.
  • The Master Chief was subsequently bulked up to the version currently found in the games.
  • Though some construction took place in the provinces, the vast bulk of these projects expanded the capital.
  • The bulk of the game takes place on the search board with combat being resolved on the battle board.
  • Most studies focus on the larger influences where the bulk of energy transfer occurs.
  • Their body becomes more deep set toward the abdomen, which area also starts bulking out.
  • For some unknown reason, his left arm is bulking green.
  • The sun was just coming up over the great black bulks which had given the boy forth that morning to a new world. Cited from The Heart Of The Hills, by John Fox, Jr
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Meaning of bulk

  • noun The property of something that is great in magnitude
    it is cheaper to buy it in bulk, he received a mass of correspondence, the volume of exports
  • noun The property possessed by a large mass
  • verb Stick out or up
    The parcel bulked in the sack