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  • Cowes is still home to various small marine-related companies such as boat-builders.
  • Most likely they would have been the master builders.
  • Robot builders may be of any age and come from any walk of life.
  • The Portuguese were great builders and promoted architecture more than any other form of fine art.
  • A second bridge was likewise destroyed by the builders once they were through with it.
  • The master builder, however, decided that they were not needed, so they never became part of the cathedral.
  • The best way to construct such an object is to use a builder class.
  • An engineer by training, he later went into business as a builder's merchant.
  • The company became a major school bus body builder in the post-World War II period.
  • This established his reputation as a road builder since other engineers had believed it could not be done.
  • When done by a competent engine builder the engine will perform as new.
  • The company's primary business was the sale of engines to aircraft builders.
  • Bob the Builder was one such character that HiT purchased its TV series rights.
  • They included talking characters and others to go with the Bob the Builder line.
  • The builder gives up his right to full price to avoid suit for inferior performance.
  • Construction on the low river bank meant that the builders had to dig well below the water level.
  • His father was a builder and there were six children.
  • Here he established a practice from the family builders' yard.
  • After the stands were built, students supported naming the field after its founder and builder.
  • Houses may express the circumstances or opinions of their builders or their inhabitants.
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  • noun A substance added to soaps or detergents to increase their cleansing action
  • noun A person who creates a business or who organizes and develops a country
    empire builder
  • noun Someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)