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  • Loss's daughter Jennifer was the wife of British coach-builder Robert Jankel.
  • Crew chief Joey Knuckles was fired and engine builder Robert Yates replaced him.
  • It is cited as an example between the transition of Georgian and Federal architecture, which is attributed to builder Robert Key.
  • Reputedly, under the supervision of builder Robert Godsall and through the labour of volunteers, a new timber church was erected within two weeks of the old one being destroyed.
  • Miami builder Robert Blum also hoped to get a WHA franchise, but wanted the team to play at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
  • The organ was redesigned and expanded to 53 ranks in 1980 by organ builder Robert Wyant.
  • In the 1950s there was a proposal to build a new high speed LIRR route down the center median on the newly built Long Island Expressway, however this idea was rejected by master highway builder Robert Moses.
  • The Highland Park Building Company was incorporated in 1914 by long-standing members of his company including builder Robert Lufburrow and engineer Harold Richard Segoine.
  • St. Peter's was designed by Scottish architect/builder Robert Smith, who designed other noted buildings of the day, among them Carpenters' Hall and the tower of Christ Church in Philadelphia, and Nassau Hall at Princeton University.
  • Bobby Allison left the team midseason in 1985, engine builder Robert Yates left during the 1986 season, and the team ran a limited schedule and a myriad of drivers during their final seasons.
  • Installed in 1908 by the organ builder Robert Hope-Jones, its components have been rebuilt and expanded several times, especially since resident organist Gordon Turk and curator John Shaw took their posts in 1974.
  • Two-storey semi-detached dwellings, Gladstone and Wentworth on Forest Road, were built by Hurstville builder Robert Newell for rental to 'well to do' tenants.
  • The concept of an underground garage below a city park was influential: New York builder Robert Moses requested copies of Pflueger's plans (little changed from Applegarth's) and Pershing Square in Los Angeles was excavated and rebuilt in 1952 along the same lines.
  • He spoke up for extending appropriations for an armored vessel that was intended for the defense of New York Harbor; named the Stevens Battery after its designer and builder Robert L. Stevens, it had been laid down in 1842 but was still incomplete in 1853, when Mallory gave his argument.
  • From 1717 to 1719, he was in France with the French court master-builder Robert de Cotte, the architect Germain Boffrand, and with the philologist Bernard de Montfaucon.
  • Earnhardt's win was the first NASCAR national series win for All Star Racing, owned by Charlotte auto dealer Rick Hendrick and car builder Robert Gee (whose daughter ironically had divorced Earnhardt; Earnhardt's younger son is the grandson of Gee).
  • The first documented example of a "Cal-Style" VW was 1980 when Rene Ruelas of lowrider car club fame the "Dukes" combined style and performance with his Karmann Ghia convertible; it was later owned by another the early 1980s Cal-Style builder Robert "VWKIDD" Velis.