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  • He would leave in a buggy and be gone all day and still not get all over it. Cited from Slave Narratives: Oklahoma Narratives, by Work Projects Administration
  • She saw the white horse and buggy out in the south yard. Cited from Young Lucretia and Other Stories, by Mary E. Wilkins
  • I then got into my buggy and drove back to the city. Cited from The Expressman and the Detective, by Allan Pinkerton
  • However, there was no sign of him visible when the two buggies drew up. Cited from Copy-Cat & Other Stories by Mary Wilkins Freeman#2
  • After the station bus had passed three or four more buggies were driven into the street. Cited from Triumph of the Egg, by Sherwood Anderson
  • The white men come back in buggies or on the train -- left them to walk back. Cited from Slave Narratives: Arkansas, Pt. 5, by Work Projects Administration
  • And then he helped her into the buggy, and they drove off. Cited from Short Story Writing, by Charles Raymond Barrett
  • A few minutes later he found the place without difficulty, and hired a horse and buggy. Cited from The Colonel's Dream, by Charles W. Chesnutt
  • The town now has an annual event that takes place every spring called the Buggy Festival.
  • There was a fine horse and buggy waiting for him at the station, and off he went. Cited from That Stick, by Charlotte M. Yonge
  • The trip by horse and buggy usually took about two hours.
  • The only forms of transport are by foot, horse and buggy and service transport.
  • Then he hurried them all off into the buggies, five in one and three in the other. Cited from Seven Little Australians, Ethel Turner
  • We never once thought of the old buggy seat! Cited from Prudence of the Parsonage, by Ethel Hueston
  • They turned out one hundred and fifty buggies a year. Cited from Watch Yourself Go By, by Al. G. Field
  • I asked father if I could have the horse and buggy, and if he would tend store. Cited from The Blunders of a Bashful Man, by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor
  • My buggy is not very large, but I think it will accommodate us both. Cited from Ernest Linwood, by Caroline Lee Hentz
  • Early American motor vehicles were right-hand drive, following the practice established by horse-drawn buggies.
  • Early American motor vehicles were right-hand drive, following the practice established by horse-drawn buggies.
  • Mr. Murdoch will have his buggy ready to start when you get back. Cited from Crowded Out o' Crofield, by William O. Stoddard
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Meaning of buggy

  • noun A small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse