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  • He turned brusquely away from us and began to question the new men. Cited from The Sea Wolf, by Jack London
  • One or two of the girls asked him to dance, but he refused brusquely. Cited from The Californians, by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  • "What on earth is the matter with you?" the station-master asked brusquely. Cited from The Illustrious Prince, by E. Phillips Oppenheim 3
  • I let him go on for a little time, and then interrupted him brusquely. Cited from Memoirs of a Minister of France, by Stanley Weyman
  • She brusquely brought him back to the question of Mary's health. Cited from Sisters, by Ada Cambridge
  • He left the room rather brusquely, and his face was black as thunder. Cited from The Pilot and his Wife, by Jonas Lie
  • The man beside her drew her arm brusquely within his. Cited from The Splendid Folly, by Margaret Pedler
  • He got up brusquely and came and stood opposite me, his two hands in his pockets. Cited from My Double Life, by Sarah Bernhardt
  • Presently one of them brusquely asked what he was doing there, and he explained who he was. Cited from Life in Morocco and Glimpses Beyond, by Budgett Meakin
  • The door leading into the private office was brusquely opened. Cited from The Double Life Of Mr. Alfred Burton, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • He spoke almost brusquely, and went directly away, without offering his hand or looking at any of them again. Cited from Only an Incident, by Grace Denio Litchfield
  • "Have you got a picture of this young woman?" he asked brusquely. Cited from Within the Law, by Marvin Dana from Bayard Veiller
  • "How much is that sister's marriage portion you spoke of?" he asked, rather brusquely. Cited from The Market-Place by Harold Frederic
  • "What do you want me to do?" he asked brusquely. Cited from The Survivor, by E.Phillips Oppenheim
  • "What in the name of heaven and earth are you doing here?" he demanded brusquely. Cited from The Splendid Folly, by Margaret Pedler
  • "Does she know about her share in the mills?" he asked brusquely. Cited from The Man in the Twilight, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • The wind was rushing brusquely up the street; the snow began once more to fall. Cited from Bruvver Jim's Baby, by Philip Verrill Mighels
  • Rather brusquely the general stated that they could ill afford to spare one from the service. Cited from Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross, by Edith Van Dyne
  • An old man they brusquely query tells them that he has asked Death to take him but has failed.
  • "What's all this talk about?" said Bob, coming in upon us rather brusquely. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 97, November, 1865, by Various
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