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  • A term used by bruisers to signify a man who will bear a great deal of beating. Cited from 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,by Cpt. Grose
  • Among bruisers it is used to express a hardy fellow, who will bear a good beating. Cited from 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,by Cpt. Grose
  • AZRD would also continue to use the "Bruisers" name for one of their home team.
  • The Chicago Bruisers season was the first season for the arena football franchise.
  • Bruisers increase their statistics when they attack or are attacked by scrappers.
  • Gridley's score, won by a cleanly played game against bruisers, stood at twelve to eight! Cited from The High School Captain of the Team, by H. Irving Hancock
  • The Chicago Bruisers were a former professional arena football team based in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Yet of such schoolmasters there were plenty in former times, regular bruisers. Cited from Commentary on Galatians, Martin Luther
  • I said 'how would you like to become The Bruisers?' They jumped in and loved it.
  • He was also a member of the Chicago Bruisers of the Arena Football League.
  • They defeat the bruisers easily and trail them back to Anacrites.
  • But it was the handshaking of bruisers when they enter the ring, and before the blood starts to flow. Cited from The Lion's Share, by E. Arnold Bennett
  • He stood on the mead, grim and pale as usual, with his bruisers around. Cited from George Borrow and His Circle, by Clement King Shorter
  • Two of the Drive's losses came at the hands of the Chicago Bruisers, who finished the season with one loss.
  • They are both brawny and courageous, and must therefore make excellent bruisers. Cited from Four Early Pamphlets, by William Godwin
  • The next thing to be done, of course, by my friends and admirers, was to pit me against the bruisers of other ships. Cited from From the Bottom Up, by Alexander Irvine
  • During this season a group of skaters who were mainly on the Bruisers left AZRD to form their own independent team.
  • About this time Borrow had an opportunity of seeing many of "the bruisers of England." Cited from The Life of George Borrow, by Herbert Jenkins
  • The Bruisers took a chance with a young team that averaged 25 years of age.
  • Rodenhauser started his football career with the Chicago Bruisers of the Arena Football League.
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Root form of bruisers is bruiser for the noun.

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