bristly leaves

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  • It has bristly leaves, deep red or even black berries, and small, light green flowers.
  • The bristly leaves are up to about 2 centimeters long and are mostly gathered near the base of the plant.
  • The bristly leaves are variously shaped, often divided into many sharp-toothed lobes.
  • This plant is quite similar to Epilobium dodonaei, but the last one can reach even a meter in height and has bristly leaves.
  • The densely hairy to bristly leaves vary in shape and may reach 11 centimeters long.
  • Nemophila pedunculata grows low to the ground, with a fleshy stem and thick, bristly leaves.
  • The hairy to bristly leaves are 1 to 3 centimeters long and located all along the stem.
  • The hairy to bristly leaves are up to 4 centimeters long.
  • The woolly and sometimes bristly leaves are dark-veined and edged with blunt and sharp lobes.
  • The deeply lobed, bristly leaves are borne on winged petioles that clasp the stem at their bases.
  • The rough pointed bristly leaves of about 1 cm in length are in whorls of four to six (normally six at the ends of the shoots, but four nearer the root).
  • The four-angled stems with whorls of bristly leaves and tiny flowers are reminiscent of the Bedstraws and other related Rubiaceae, but Sherardia is distinguished by its mauve/pink flowers that are organized in clusters and having a long corolla tube.