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  • We followed them and came up with them after a brisk walk of ten minutes. Cited from In Africa, by John T. McCutcheon
  • After a while the party started on their way once more feeling greatly brisked up. Cited from The Adventures of Akbar, by Flora Annie Steel
  • Her brisk run had brought her to the meeting place ahead of time. Cited from Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore, by Pauline Lester
  • The winter was so long and cold that business is all the more brisk. Cited from A Little Girl in Old Detroit, by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  • Within a few weeks, sales grew brisk and the book became quite popular.
  • He took a few brisk steps, as though he had come to some decision. Cited from The Lion's Mouse, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • I again took her in my arms and started off at a brisk walk down the hill. Cited from The Beautiful Eyes of Ysidria, by Charles A. Gunnison
  • Be brisk therefore, and come on such a day to such a city. Cited from The Letters of Cassiodorus, by Cassiodorus
  • No one knew how old he was, but he was still brisk in his movements. Cited from Stand By The Union, by Oliver Optic
  • We carried on a brisk trade for a couple of hours or more. Cited from The Cruise of the Dainty, by William H. G. Kingston
  • She was moving about the big room, giving a brisk touch here and there. Cited from Play the Game!, by Ruth Comfort Mitchell
  • The restaurant did brisk business for the first year, but closed two years later.
  • But his manner to her father was the next instant more brisk. Cited from The Outcry, by Henry James
  • They held the position one hour and a half, keeping up a brisk fire on the enemy.
  • And seeing that her work was well done, she became brisk. Cited from Winner Take All, by Larry Evans
  • They did a brisk business giving Lee enough resources to enter the battle for civil rights.
  • Following her, you might imagine her young, for her figure was good and her step brisk. Cited from A Crooked Path, by Mrs. Alexander
  • One evening the night clerk, a brisk young fellow, took a seat beside him. Cited from The Eagle's Heart, by Hamlin Garland
  • Production and output from the company was brisk during the first year of operation.
  • As it did so, the door opened a second time, and the brisk young person entered with the first course. Cited from Kate Danton, or, Captain Danton's Daughters, by May Agnes Fleming
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Meaning of brisk

  • verb Become brisk
    business brisked up