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  • The competition is to bring all the people of all the world.
  • It has yet to be seen if this will bring significant economic expansion.
  • His team brought at least one of the five engines to the surface.
  • A day or two of fine weather will usually bring new snow into sound condition.
  • This is expected to also help bring economic growth to the southern half of the state.
  • If this is so, there would exist nothing that could bring anything into existence.
  • Upon the arrival of spring, the old man brought them a ship.
  • This helped to bring the island to the attention of the British.
  • His mother was left to bring up her two children with relatively little income.
  • She admitted that she has not yet brought the idea up to the other three members.
  • One cause is never enough to bring about an effect.
  • However, his uncle showed up late and brought only ten men.
  • This move brought state-run national radio and television coverage to the entire country.
  • They may also be used to create a current that brings in food.
  • It brought many changes including the introduction of writing and recording events.
  • It was intended to bring the railway system into the 20th century.
  • Together, they bring over one thousand students into the downtown core every day.
  • No company has yet successfully brought a full color display to market.
  • They tried to bring him to his monastery many times but people would not see him.
  • He was found and brought home, but died soon afterwards.
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Meaning of bring

  • verb Take something or somebody with oneself somewhere
    Bring me the box from the other room, Take these letters to the boss, This brings me to the main point
  • verb Cause to come into a particular state or condition
    Long hard years of on the job training had brought them to their competence, bring water to the boiling point
  • verb Cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
    I cannot work a miracle, wreak havoc, bring comments, play a joke, The rain brought relief to the drought-stricken area
  • verb Go or come after and bring or take back
    Get me those books over there, please, Could you bring the wine?, The dog fetched the hat
  • verb Bring into a different state
    this may land you in jail
  • verb Be accompanied by
    Can I bring my cousin to the dinner?
  • verb Attract the attention of
    The noise and the screaming brought the curious
  • verb Induce or persuade
    The confession of one of the accused brought the others to admit to the crime as well