Brilliant Disguise

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  • It was released as the third single from the album, following "Brilliant Disguise" and the title track.
  • Next to Brilliant Disguise and the title track, this song is third and only other song from the album to receive several appearances live.
  • The lyrics of "Brilliant Disguise" represent a confession of self-doubt on the part of the singer.
  • It was released as a single in some countries, following "Brilliant Disguise" and the title track, but was not released as a single in the United States.
  • No wonder Ben was not recognized in this brilliant disguise, which was more natural to him than Billy's blue flannel or Thorny's respectable garments. Cited from St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 5, Sep 1878, No. 11
  • The record was favourably reviewed and received repeated airplay across the BBC radio platform, but to date there has been no follow-up, save for the Songs for B-Movies EP, which consisted of out-takes, live versions, remixes and a cover of Brilliant Disguise by Bruce Springsteen.