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  • He started the following season brightly and was on his usually excellent form.
  • These days they are often brightly coloured so they are easy to see.
  • However, some of the brightly colored species often are active during the day.
  • It has also been suggested this river is named because its waters flash brightly.
  • They are generally small fish, with most species being less than, and are often brightly coloured.
  • This results in the cells of interest being marked brightly in a dark background.
  • Some species are brightly colored, with great variety in body shape; the largest species are over across.
  • They are generally black or brown in colour, although there are a few brightly coloured species.
  • All three figures are dressed in brightly painted period dress and the clothes include details in gold.
  • Brightly colored things that can be seen from far away had potential in farm equipment marketing.
  • However, most ancient sculpture was brightly painted, and this has been lost.
  • The velvet provides an especially dark background against which colors stand out brightly.
  • The males of many species are brightly colored, usually in red or yellow and black.
  • These often brightly color patterns can be red, yellow, orange, or blue.
  • It too is brightly colored and can come in a variety of different printed designs.
  • Despite starting very brightly the Shamrocks could not match the experience and class of the city side.
  • The female is similar but generally larger and less brightly coloured.
  • His time at Wolves started brightly as he netted four times in his opening two games.
  • The ships, brightly illuminated, kept the aircraft on course through the night.
  • In ancient times, these were brightly painted in gold/bronze.
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