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  • Sometimes direct support units are placed under command of the regiment/brigade they support.
  • The rest of the brigade was lying down just behind the road.
  • While soldiers trained and maintained equipment, division and brigade staff officers continued planning.
  • The brigade's actions in France during that time are not completely clear.
  • The Brigade returned from that mission six months later and began a training cycle.
  • But the British were able to advance with more than a brigade's strength.
  • In addition, the brigade has been training for combined arms operations in the event of armed conflict.
  • Although it never fought as an independent force, its units were often brigaded together.
  • The brigade had just enough ammunition and food for another day, but not enough water.
  • From after World War II brigade numbers have been unique and not by type.
  • There is also a London Fire Brigade fire boat on the river.
  • The man called the fire brigade, before collapsing because the services could not reach him.
  • Typical examples are the radio systems used by police forces and fire brigades.
  • Despite the brigade's efforts, the front lines were gradually pushed back.
  • Despite the brigade's efforts, the front lines were gradually pushed back.
  • Hamilton's brigades only started moving half an hour after the orders had been sent.
  • The remains of the brigade's commander were never found.
  • Brigades in divisions do not usually command their combat support and combat service support units.
  • Another brigade was cut off, and destroyed by a cavalry charge.
  • He is given a temporary promotion to battalion command and then quickly a brigade command.
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Synonyms of Brigade

Meaning of Brigade

  • noun Army unit smaller than a division
  • verb Form or unite into a brigade